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Strefa.biz – general-interest portal

Portal Strefa.biz is a place where we publish valuable articles from various fields. We strive to provide valuable information in the fields of, automotive, business, science, everyday life and health and beauty.

Our story

The idea to create the Strefa.biz portal appeared in 2011 in which the portal was created, soon after that the first entries appeared. Since then, the portal has been constantly developed and supplemented with new articles from various fields. We strive to be a significant medium on the Polish Internet – old raise our standards and develop in the field of copywriting.

“Good communication stimulates like black coffee. And it’s just as hard to fall asleep after it.” – Anne Morrow Lindbergh


We cordially invite to cooperation all those who want to cooperate with our portal. We are happy to cooperate with copywriters, and other news portals or companies.

– administration Strefa.biz


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