Brake caliper painting – a significant number of drivers on Polish roads have no idea how the brake system is built.

They don’t know that components wear out, and that servicing comes down to an affirmative answer to the mechanic’s question “do we replace the brakes?”. Names such as brake discs or brake calipers are heard by many people for the first time, probably thinking that the car stops on its own. Brake caliper reconditioning often involves painting brake calipers.

Unfortunately, however, it is not enough to put your foot out and rub it against the ground long enough – a car is not a sled for such a method to have a chance to work effectively.

Painting of brake calipers
Painting brake calipers – what caliper paint?

At the same time, there is quite a large group of people who see in the brakes the future… tuning. And no, God forbid, they are not concerned with better performance of the braking system. Although they often replace standard with ventilated or drilled brake discs, this action is dictated by fashion rather than real need. In fact, so is painting the brake calipers. So the question is whether it is worth investing in painting brake calipers? How to carry out the painting itself? What kind of paint for the calipers? Maybe it’s just better to be tempted to buy new parts tailored to your needs.

And interestingly enough, the result is usually very positive, although painting brake calipers requires a great deal of caution – if the paint gets on the disc, pad or – in the worst case – somewhere inside the brake system, a serious problem will arise, which may end up with the need for a costly replacement. And all this just to have colorful brake calipers that either no one will pay attention to, or they will deteriorate quickly and become as ugly as they were in the beginning. That’s why if you already take to painting, it should be done in a professional way. You can do it yourself, but you need to take care of the right paint (brake caliper paint has to withstand the very high temperatures in which the brake system often comes to work), diligence and accuracy, and – among many other things – effective cleaning of the surface before painting. Brushing over the top may not be enough – this is not brake caliper painting just wire work! It certainly won’t last for more than a few weeks of car use.

If you decide to paint the brake calipers on your car, be sure to check reviews of caliper paints. The best are those that are designed to work in high temperatures. Caliper painting should be done under controlled conditions by checking the condition of the calipers beforehand, because it may turn out that the condition of our brakes is so bad that the changes we want to make may be less of a priority than reconditioning them.

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