Aluminum – price:

Aluminum – aluminum of technical purity, containing different amounts of impurities, depending on the method of obtaining. Electrolytic refining yields aluminum containing 99.950-99.955% Al. Metallurgical aluminum, obtained by electrolysis of alumina in molten cryolite, contains 99.0-99.8% Al.

Aluminum – price
Unsorted aluminumPLN 2.80/kg
Energy aluminum fat rope4,50 PLN/kg
Energy aluminum rope/sector5,50 zł/kg
Aluminum rims clean without weights, bushings and valves4,30 zł/kg
Aluminum rims contaminated4,00 PLN/kg
Aluminum Offset5,00 PLN/kg
Aluminum profiles clean, unpainted5,00 zł/kg
Aluminum painted profiles4,30 zł/kg
Aluminum contaminated profiles2,80 zł/kg
Aluminum isoprofiles2,80 zł/kg
Aluminum castings2,80 zł/kg
Aluminum blindsPLN 1.50/kg
Aluminum chipsPLN 1.50/kg
Aluminum with steel up to 30%0,60 zł/kg
Aluminum window blinds with foam1,00 zł/kg
Aluminum coolers clean without steel, plastic, rubber2,00 zł/kg
Aluminum radiators dirty1,00 zł/kg
Aluminum and copper coolers8,00 zł/kg
Aluminum cans -5% contamination3,30 zł/kg
Aluminum with PVC, Sandwich, dibond0,20 zł/kg

Brass – price:

Brass – an alloy of copper and zinc, containing up to 10-45% zinc. It may contain additions of other metals such as lead, aluminum, tin, manganese, iron, chromium and silicon. It melts at temperatures below 1000 °C. Above a temperature of 907 °C, the main alloying component of brass, i.e. zinc, begins to evaporate, causing the formation of scale

Brass – price
Off-white brass11 PLN/kg
Yellow brass, unpainted12 PLN/kg
Scale brass without Fe14 zl/kg
Brass coolers11 zl/kg
Brass chips10 zł/kg
Bronze chips min. 85% CU10 zł/kg
Brass unbroken water meters6 zł/kg
Bronze mix16 zł/kg

Copper – price:

Copper – a chemical element, from the group of transition metals of the periodic table. The name of copper in Latin comes from Cyprus, where the metal was mined in ancient times. At first it was called the metal of Cyprus, and later. It has 26 isotopes in the mass range 55-80, with two being permanent: 63 i 65.

Copper – price
Milber copper20.00 zl/kg
Copper luminous piece and thin milberaPLN 19.00/kg
Copper unsortedPLN 18.00/kg
Copper off-beat18,00 zł/kg
Copper stovesPLN 17.00/kg
Copper chipsPLN 17.00/kg
Copper cotton, copper from coilsPLN 15.00/kg
Car harness ( – 3% zan.)7,00 zł/kg

Steel – price:

Steel – iron-carbon alloy, plastically machined and heat-treatable, with a carbon content not exceeding 2.11%, which corresponds to the limiting solubility of carbon in iron. Carbon in steel is most often found in the form of lamellar perlite. Occasionally, however, especially at higher carbon contents, cementite occurs in the form of beads surrounded by ferrite grains.

Steel – price
Thin steel up to 4 mmPLN 0.50/kg
Thick steel above 4 mm
0.60 PLN/kg
Cast iron0,60 PLN/kg
Steel thick above 8 mm0.60 PLN/kg
Stainless steel min. 8% Ni3.50 PLN/kg
Stainless steel V4A
3,60 zlotys/kg
Stainless steel pots, hoses, heaters1,20 zł/kg
Stainless steel chips3,00 zlotys/kg
Stainless steel chips V4A3,1 zł/kg

Other metals – price:

Other metals – price
Zinc6 PLN/kg
ZALNAL2 zł/kg
Titanium pieces3,5 zł/kg
Pure lead5,2 zł/kg
Dirty lead5 PLN/kg
Lead with jute4,5 zł/kg
Automotive weights Pb and Zn1,5 zł/kg
Carbide40 zł/kg
Carbides sintered castings35 zł/kg
Nickel 99%25 zł/kg
Rotors from car turbines Ni/Cr/Mo without steel15 zł/kg
Starters1,5 zł/kg
Copper rotors / car alternators2,40/2,20 PLN/kg
Rotors from alternatorsPLN 1.5/kg
Electric motors up to 200 kg ( without pulley and other equipment)1 zl/kg
Small motors, transformersPLN 1/kg
Tool steels:
SW7M7 zl/kg
SW187 zł/kg
SW combined 1/2 FE1,5 zł/kg
SW 9, SW 123 zł/kg
Tin 30%6 zł/kg
Tin 60%20 zl/kg
Tin 90%30 zlotys/kg
Tin 100%50 zl/kg
Tin Sn97Cu3, Sn99Cu145 zł/kg

The above tables show average prices in 2020 – companies operating in Poland:, F.H.U. EKO Sylwia, RPR, HEMARPOL, Polcopper.

Scrap metal buying – is it a good business idea?

Scrap metal buying – is it a good idea for business?

Scrap metal buying is not one of the popular business ideas. Our first instinct is to associate it with people collecting cans and exchanging them for change. This kind of activity is hard to call a business. Not to mention the fact that it is unlikely to be associated positively, but quite the opposite. There is no denying that this is not a very prestigious occupation.

Nevertheless, the demand for this type of service continues to grow. Garbage and electro-waste are becoming more and more numerous, and regulations concerning them are constantly being regulated by new laws. Having the right scrap metal equipment and having the enthusiasm, and willingness to work can create an efficient and profitable good business idea.

Scrap metal price – rates for 2023

In 2020, not only the price of scrap metal is changing, but also waste regulations. It is very possible that most of the buying companies will close down. This is because in order to operate legally one must have an entry in the Waste Database. The Ministry of Environmental Protection alerts that despite the obligation, many companies do not have an entry in the registry. In January 2020 there will be consequences. There will be fines ranging from five thousand to one million zlotys for operating without an entry in the Waste Database. Arrest or fines are also possible.

Prices of scrap metal vary presumably depending on the material from which it is made. An example? The rates offered for scrap steel are much higher than for scrap steel. For scrap steel, you will receive from fifty cents to about three zlotys. The rate varies depending on the thickness of the steel.

Color scrap is definitely more profitable, here the rates vary from even a few to a dozen zlotys per kilogram. Currently, the highest prices are for copper scrap. In times of excessive production of electro-waste, scrap metal buying can be a fantastic business idea, especially considering the fact that many companies are likely to be closed down by not being registered with BDO. Entering the market with professional equipment, a plan of your own, and a good knowledge of regulations, you stand a chance of great success.

Copper price

Copper is one of the most noteworthy metals. Its prices range from a few to twenty/thirty zlotys per kilogram. With Milber copper being by far the most expensive. We will get the highest rate for it.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that the price of copper is constantly fluctuating. All due to the changing rates of raw materials. Therefore, the price of copper will depend primarily on trends around the world. Copper rates vary depending on the type of copper. As mentioned, Milber copper is currently the most valuable. The highest rate is for 1.5 mm thick wire.

The price of unsorted copper (off-beat) will already be a tad less attractive. We’ll also get a lower rate at the buyers for copper in pieces. The lowest position is occupied by copper cables with lagging. In this case, the price per kilogram is usually set individually and cannot measure up to the highest rates for Milber copper. It is usually only a few zlotys per kilogram.

When buying copper, location can also be of fundamental importance. It turns out that the price at a buyback in the Suwałki area will be completely different from, for example, in Katowice. That’s why it’s worth thinking in comparative terms and comparing offers from different buying stations in Poland. Concentrating on one region, we may miss the opportunity to make more money. For the sake of example, it is worth adding that there are often fluctuations from several to even a dozen percent.

The price of scrap copper also depends on the amount of raw material sold. Selling a few kilograms will be much less profitable than selling in bulk. Usually, in each buying house you can individually set the terms, or, colloquially speaking, “bargain”. However, by far the most profitable will turn out to be wholesale copper.

Aluminum price

Aluminum is one of the most popular raw materials that we can sell at the buyback. Hardly surprising since aluminum production is almost mass. However, it is a mid-range scrap. We will get neither the highest nor the lowest rate for it. An example? Prices for aluminum profiles are usually around four to five zlotys. Armed aluminum rims reach prices in the vicinity of five to seven zlotys per kilogram. This is neither much nor little in relation to other raw materials. The price really depends on the location of the purchase.

The price for the notorious aluminum cans usually reaches about three or four zlotys per kilogram. Although reportedly, there are also cities where the price per kilogram reaches five zlotys. However, this is not popular, and usually selling a kilogram of cans involves earning four zlotys.

Scrap metal purchase – price list

Scrap prices in 2020 will differ from those in 2019 for various reasons. Nevertheless, these will not be great differences. Milber copper is still the most desirable, and scrap steel is not among the most profitable raw materials. Aluminum is somewhere in the middle and is neither among the most expensive nor the cheapest raw materials.

Is scrap buying a good business idea? If we want to launch our own buyback, then definitely yes. This year, many businesses will be closed, and fines will be levied on others, all due to the lack of registration in the Waste Database register. This entry is mandatory, although unfortunately it is often not complied with by those running the business. It definitely pays to enter the market, behaving adequately to the knowledge generally available regarding the applicable regulations.

If, on the other hand, we are considering selling scrap metal, it is a truly profitable business only if we produce a large amount of, for example, electro-waste. It’s easier to sell the right amount of scrap to people who are in the day-to-day business of, for example, acquiring parts from broken equipment, small and large caliber. Regardless of which side of this business

When is scrap metal the most expensive?

Selling scrap metal can actually make money, but it only pays off when the price of scrap metal is high. To sell scrap metal at a good price, you need to:

  • find out what the current price of scrap metal is (scrap metal prices can vary depending on the region of the country);
  • check what the requirements of the particular company selling scrap metal are (not all companies have the same requirements);
  • make sure the scrap is clean and dry (the scrap must be cleaned of residual materials, and dry – it must not be wet);
  • pack the scrap in bags or cardboard boxes (so that it is easy to transport).

What does the price of scrap metal depend on? Is scrap metal getting more expensive?

The price of scrap metal depends on many factors, such as:

  • the type of scrap (e.g. scrap iron, aluminum, copper, bronze);
  • the degree of purity of the scrap (the more purified, the higher the price);
  • the current market situation (scrap metal prices can fluctuate over time).

How to sell scrap metal and not get ripped off?

To avoid being cheated when selling scrap metal, you should:

  • carefully check the company from which you want to sell scrap (make sure it is a trustworthy company);
  • read contracts carefully (so that you know exactly under what conditions you are selling scrap metal);
  • don’t sign contracts if there are any ambiguities (it’s a good idea to consult someone who knows, such as a lawyer);
  • keep evidence of sales (invoices, receipts).

What is Milber copper?

Milber copper is a copper alloy that has 88.8% copper and 11.2% zinc in its composition. It is used to manufacture pipes, plates and other structural components. Milber copper is very strong and resistant to corrosion.

How much does 1 kg of Milber copper cost at a buyback?

The price of Milber copper at the purchase is about 35zl per 1kg.

In what devices is Milber copper used the most?

Milber copper is often used for pipes, plates and other structural components. Milber copper is very strong and corrosion-resistant, so it works well in a wide variety of equipment.

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