How to get rid of a nuisance tenant, neighbor ?

How to get rid of a nuisance tenant, a neighbor? The apartment is our own asylum, which we actually care about the most, so many people can be proud of it.

However, sometimes even the most beautiful idyll, is capable of destroying a nuisance tenant, who for some time has been doing everything to get in our way. Sometimes we try to pretend that we do not hear, and do not see the provocations that our neighbor uses on a daily basis, the goal is only one wants to annoy us very much, and show that he is in charge. If we do not give up then we can report our delinquent to the owner of the building himself, but such an intervention, does not have to be completely effective, it all depends on how much we can prove all this and support it with evidence, only then can we do something.

How to get rid of a nuisance tenant, neighbor

As it is impossible otherwise, we call a lawyer

Of course, we can also use other measures, those that are in accordance with the applicable law, and order. So if our neighbor becomes a real nuisance, and transgresses in every possible way against us and actively disrupts our harmonious life, then we can bring all available legal remedies, in order to terminate before the court the relationship that entitles us to live or use the premises in question, which at the same time involves eviction from the dwelling in question. However, deprivation of the right to live in a given apartment is very rarely issued, because you have to behave negatively towards other neighbors, and disturb them for a longer period of time, which is not a one-time incident. Of course, disturbing the peace, can also take place if there is noise from the neighbor’s premises especially late at night, which does not allow us to sleep. Such negative behavior can also be the non-payment of bills, especially if it is a long arrearage, and despite requests, and official letters, the person still has not paid the apartment. If we want to get rid of a tenant, then we can take advantage of the fact of frequent alcohol abuse, and the use of constant violence against the other person, and the same is true of stimulants such as narcotic substances. Of course, failure to comply with the rules and regulations for all tenants, is also grounds for termination of the lease. Of course, we may as well just be a roommate of a given apartment, and if there are no conditions that allow us to live there, then the eviction looks a little different, because the tenant does not lose his rights to the premises, but there is a certain but for a certain period of the roommate’s apartment, the tenant loses the use of his property.

What about the tenant?

The situation is different when it comes to tenants. In 2010 an amendment came into force that aims to protect the rights of tenants, thanks to this amendment, among other things, the occasional lease was introduced. Now if we enter into any agreement with a tenant then we don’t have to sign adverse entries, so we don’t have to worry about losing our rights to property. In this way we can clearly see if something is really done wrong. Occasional lease, is only a temporary thing, especially since such an agreement can be terminated, but it can equally well expire after a certain period of time. Then, too, the tenant must vacate the premises along with his belongings, since this is finally a legally binding summons in writing, and is therefore certified with the appropriate signatures. Then we don’t even have to provide a substitute tenant, we can do everything ourselves we get rid of the tenant completely, not even a final court judgment is needed, but all this costs us a lot of nerves, because we still have to deal with a lot of paperwork, which is primarily related to costs. For us, in fact, the new regulations are a significant convenience, because earlier it was difficult to get rid of someone troublesome, even if we are talking about a nuisance tenant, that’s why so many people want to deal with all the formalities in the shortest possible time, only in this way we can get rid of an unwanted guest or even a neighbor once and for all. Of course, we must note that this is an absolutely important legal basis, which can be easily enforced.

Be careful who you rent to!