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3 kroki do zdrowych nerek – sprawdź, jak uniknąć problemów?

3 steps to healthy kidneys – check how to avoid problems

Kidneys perform a very important function in the human body. They help remove metabolic products from the blood and take care of maintaining the correct concentration of water and electrolytes in our bodies. In order for them to function properly, it is necessary to follow certain rules of prevention. What ...

Mikropigmentacja skóry głowy

Scalp micropigmentation – price, opinions, information

Baldness, to a greater or lesser degree, is faced by every second man over the age of fifty. This problem can also affect younger people and women. It is most often caused by hormonal disorders, poor diet, stress, certain medications and also genetic tendencies. Baldness can significantly affect self-esteem and ...

Śmierć kliniczna - zagadka przyszłości

Clinical death – a mystery of the future. What’s on the other side?

Clinical death - a mystery of the future? What is clinical death? Doctors conducting research on NDE (near-death experience), but also ordinary people have been trying to answer this question for many years. Why do we want an answer to this question so badly, and why does this phenomenon arouse ...

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