This is a question that probably everyone asks themselves. Some believe in God, others in reincarnation and still some do not recognize such a thing as “life after death” at all. According to them, a person who dies simply disappears. This is an extremely unpleasant vision, although not at all impossible. However, if you think that after death the soul still exists and seeks solace then be sure to read the following article.

What basically is the soul?

The soul is an invisible and intangible state of self-awareness that is temporarily connected to a given body. At the death of the body it wanders on and here – according to different versions and different beliefs – it finds its way to paradise, wanders in the world or even gets a new body and still remains on Earth (reincarnation). However, if the soul is consciousness then why, after entering a new body, do people most often not remember the previous incarnation? So many questions, so few answers.

Is there life after death?

I don’t think anyone can answer this question with certainty. Of course, many teach that there is, but this is not confirmed by scientific research. The only thing that allows them to preach it with commitment and conviction is faith. After all, everyone wants to believe in something. And what do you believe in? In our opinion, life after death exists. For there are too many reports of strange, unexplainable phenomena that probably have their origin, on the so-called, other side.

what comes after death

Paranormal phenomena

Have you heard of them before? Or perhaps the only exposure you’ve had to such phenomena is through reading made-up stories designed to give the viewer a thrill? What if we told you that strange, unexplained and dark situations really happen? This, of course, is not incontrovertible proof that there is life after death, nor the answer to the question of what it looks like. However, there is a strong possibility that these scary stories, known by most only from horror movies, happen because they are attempts by people who have already left the world to connect with it. Perhaps they are looking for help? Or perhaps they want to settle unfinished business? We don’t know that. We are here and they are there. However, if they could tell us what they want what do you think? What would they say? Would they tell us what awaits everyone after death? Or would they have another purpose?

“Evidence” for the existence of life after death

One of the most common evidences that there is something more than earthly life are possessions. These are forces we do not understand. Dangerous and uncontrollable. Possessions, however, happen relatively often and run their course in a way that is difficult to direct, only to play a role. After all, it’s hard to suddenly learn foreign or extinct languages with which one has had no contact until now. Possessed people also change their voice when speaking, are able to talk about things they had no right to know, and react with anxiety and anger to sacred objects. Another piece of evidence, of course, are ghosts, which many have reportedly had the opportunity to see as well as feel. Evidence that there is something more is also supposed to be provided by people who have exited their bodies (e.g., during clinical death) and later returned to them (when their vital functions have been restored). There are also very frequent reports of some people remembering their previous incarnations or recalling them after they have undergone hypnosis. Interestingly, often fears in the current life (e.g., fear of water) are supposed to be caused by what happened in a previous life (e.g., drowning, as a cause of death)

What really happens to us after death, or what life after death is like, we can only guess. No books can tell us what place we will go to when we die. However, it is worth taking care of the state of your soul if we believe we have one. Whether it is taken care of or not may determine what path it will take once we die. Will we become a ghost haunting old houses, native to hell? Or will we find peace in paradise? We’d better watch out.

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